Featured Artists

Alexander Gioiosa

Alexander Gioiosa graduated from the Da Vinci Multimedia Art School with a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration. He was the creative director of In Cassette 90, a creative agency and an artistic consulting firm, where he developed more than 200 Covers for many different countries, such as Denmark, Germany and Republic of Singapore among other works.

Andy Thomas

Andy Thomas has developed an iconic visual language that is uniquely his own. Using a combination of digital technology and water colours, his work is a symbolic representation of nature’s collision with technology.

Inspired by the beauty of nature and extensive travel to some of the world’s most ancient rainforests, Thomas fuses together images of flora and fauna into evolved abstract forms. Intricately layered compositions of plants and animals make a strong statement of technology’s impact on planet earth and how advancements in society are affecting the natural systems of life.


ELLE’s work is evocative, alluring, lavish, outrageous, purposeful and informative. Although she began as an illegal graffiti artist in New York, ELLE is now considered one of the top touring street artists.

ELLE considers her paintings to be poetry. She creates stories by collaging disparate images: powerful females, flora and fauna, classical paintings juxtaposed with pop-culture and high fashion imagery, revealing purposefully designed messages to the world.


Alejandro Solórzano is from Guadalajara, Mexico. He’s a product design engineer by trade and creative lettering artist by choice who focuses on the development of tailored design solutions to make lifestyle brands stand out.

He would describe his work as a creative balance between ink, digital calligraphy and photography, aimed to be attractive for designers who have a keen eye for typography and inspire them with daily positive quotes.

When he’s not designing, he’s busy staying up late looking for inspiration, traveling around the world or hanging out with his friends—always accompanied by his favorite music playlists and tasty food.

Maria Uve

Maria Uve studied at the Antonio Failde Higher School of Arts and Design in Ourense, studying illustration, and is trained in graphic design and artistic photography.

She has devoted herself to her passion for drawing and uses illustration as a means of communication, trying to transmit a positive message, of respect and self-esteem, complemented with small texts as if they were a puzzle.


Roger Kilimanjaro

Rémi Cabarrou is a french freelance cg artist based in Paris. He worked for several years as a creative director in advertising.

Nowadays he has a strong fascination for physics based CG animation and photorealistic rendering. He likes to explore surreal interactions between materials and objects usually in the most satisfying ways.

2018 Featured Artists

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2017 Featured Artists

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2016 Featured Artists

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